The Android phones, which, let's face it, comprise a growing number of phones is emerging as a serious contender in the battle to confirm the dominance in the mobile market. In addition, there is Wi-Fi, which means you can access the internet with 3G connectivity. There’s no choice but to sign in to your Google account and intermittently wait for the game to download additional content. Sony NSZ-GT1 Google TV works with the RF QWERTY keypad remote, so you can easy enough to control your new Sony HDTV and the Blu-ray disc player.

Pre-order your new Android Wear LG Watch here!. Completing quests earns you monster cards, which you can trade, and from which you can select the best to put forth into battle. App develops on Android is 100% secure against the male-wares, etc.

Emogif is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that categorizes gif links and files for different emotions. Now, with a larger, clearer display, a laser-precise camera and superior smart interactivity, we can confidently call the G3 the best smartphone that LG has ever made.

A Game That Takes Terraria Out Into Space

Starbound has a very Terraria feel to it and is currently in development with planned beta access to begin in 2013. You can get into the beta by pre-purchasing the game for as little as $15 with 4 packs available at up to 25% off (so get together with some friends and place an order).

In its Kickstarter campaign the game raised over $1 million dollars (from nearly 70,000 backers) setting a whole new record for indie game development.

After reading about the game it is easy to see why the game attracted such a following it simply has everything that you would ever want.

The key to the success of the game will be in its large amount of random and infinite game elements. Everything is random in the game world including quests, items, planet weather, day/night cycles, enemies and the visual elements of each game world. This easily means that you'll be able to play the game several times and still not experience everything it has to offer.

On top of this randomness the game is highly customisable with a large selection of blocks and 6 playable game races which change the way you approach the game.

Starbound definitely promises an experience that you won't get tired of any time soon and I played at least 200 hours before writing this review and all I can think about right now is going back and playing some more.

Starbound - Official Website

More than 46 million Americans who are expected to travel more than 50 miles away from home in the coming days may have to contend with wintry weather throwing a wrench in their plans.

No one likes being stuck in an airport or traffic jam on Thanksgiving, however, there are some ways to make the best of an unfortunate travel situation.

Here are five of the best boredom busting apps. Start playing them and before you know it, you'll be at your destination and ready for a Thanksgiving feast.

Sure the title is a bit morbid for such a joyous holiday, but this game is an incredibly fun way to pass the time.

Based on a viral public service announcement from Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, the goal is to save a cast of characters from dangerous situations while racking up points.

The latest version of the game includes new levels, such as electric fence hurdles, a dolphin rodeo and a javelin catch.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games is available for iOS devices, along with the first, equally addicting version of the game.

The first version of the game is also available for Android devices.

The best part of NinJump dash is that you'll compete against three other opponents in real time who can be your Facebook friends or random challengers from around the world.

Dress your character in a fun costume (chicken suit, anyone?) and get your game face on, as you race your fellow players, jumping over obstacles, shooting rockets and tossing throwing stars, among other weapons.

NinJump Dash is available for iOS and Android devices.

Channel your inner artist with Draw Something, a social drawing game that allows users to draw pictures and have their friends guess what they are.

With more than 3,000 words to draw from in the free version of the game, you'll have plenty of opportunities to create some masterpieces (which will almost certainly elicit a few laughs, too.)

Draw Something is available for iOS and Android devices.

The old-school game has gotten a mobile makeover.

Go head to head with other opponents in Tetris Blitz as you race a clock to clear lines in the classic game.

Best of all: You'll always be able to find worthy opponents to battle with the game's skill-matching system.

Tetris Blitz is available for iOS and Android devices.

It's been quite a year for Kim Kardashian West. Lest we all forget, the celeb also has her own game.

If taking a Kim Kardashian-inspired adventure sounds more appealing this staring into space at the airport or listening to your siblings squabble on a road trip, then Kim Kardashian Hollywood may be up your alley.

Create your own celebrity and join Kim in Hollywood as you reap all of the benefits of being a celebrity.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is available for iOS and Android devices.

What do the pope and an anti-Semitic Elmo have in common? They're both in the crazy addictive game "Proust."

Here's how it works: You're presented with five items you must rank from best to worst. Lock in your answers and then see how alike or different you are from your friends.

Proust is available for iOS devices.

Pokoto will test your memory and your reflexes. Poke out the evil eyes and beware of the bombs -- they'll make you lose time. Hearts will buy you time.

Like any good time wasting game, this one is never ending. Keep perfecting your pokes and see how you stack up to your friends.

Pokoto is available for iOS devices.

For the gamer on the go, the iPhone is perhaps the best available gaming platform. It is compact, stylish and has far better graphics than most handheld systems. It has many good games you could consider purchasing, and quite a few good action-oriented games. iMafia, Mafia Live, iMob Online, Mafia Boss, and last but not least, Mafia: Respect and Retaliation. These games are perfect for any gamer with an interest in the Mafia.

One may not want to purchase all of these games at once, and they all have their pros and cons. They are all good games, however, and different games will suit different people.

iMafia is a game which places you in the role of a character, who is of course in the Mafia. You can play the role of a brawler, a mogul or a workaholic. These characters have strengths and weaknesses befitting their names. The brawler is good at fighting, the mogul is good at earning money and the workaholic regenerates energy quickly. This game is a lot like an RPG.

If you're looking for an MMORPG experience, but with the mafia, look no further than Mafia Live. This game places you in the criminal underworld of The City as you interact with other players and strive to become the Don of your family.

Like Mafia Live, iMob Online is a massively multiplayer game which is also quite enjoyable. Unlike the former, however, it has many issues with stability and is plagues with frequent server crashes. If you're looking for an online mafia game, it is best to look elsewhere.

Mafia Boss is in an entirely different genre, however. It resembles the party game called Mafia. It takes place in a village where the citizens have to find out who the mafioso are and the mafioso have to kill off the citizens. It is a fun game if you need a break from the more massive online games but don't want to limit yourself to a single player game. It will be a nostalgic experience for anyone who played the offline version of this game with friends.

Mafia: Respect and Retaliation is a game where you start out as a simple thug and have to advance up the ladder. It offers an exciting blend of MMORPG and strategy, as you grow to command more mafia thugs. Server stability has been an issue, so be prepared for the occasional crash. You can download it for free, so all of its negative features must be considered in light of the fact that it does not actually cost anything.

The recently released mafia games excel in several genres, with no game coming out as the undisputed winner. There are good points to every game, but in terms of overall game play, Mafia Live offers the most variety, as you can interact with many other players and recruit them to your family. If you want to concentrate on one character, you may consider purchasing iMafia. Consider the free game, too.

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